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Welcome to Synaxis Online. If you're looking for online data processing solutions you've come to the right place!

It's easy and free to register. There's no licence fee and you can run jobs without any obligation to buy the detailed results. All the job-summary reports are free and we don't charge at all for many jobs. So why not give it a try?

Use our help pages if you'd prefer to learn about the system first; and you can learn about some of the services that are available to registered users via the links on the right. We can also offer custom services visible only to you. These can be anything you like, from simple list selection to a complex MDM database build with validation, cleaning, matching and consolidation.

Or if you want to know how to use our software to create your own online data processing portal, check out our information for bureaux and partners.

And if there's anything else, feel free to contact us.

Upload a file containing a column of UK postcodes to select the rows that are within a specified number of kilometres from a central postcode.Calculate UK Distances
Upload a file of names and addresses to distinguish organizations from private residences/sole traders.Distinguish Organizations
Upload a file of UK addresses and extract the post codes into a single column.Extract UK Post Codes
Upload a file to find duplicates at address, organization, surname or individual level. The service applies a 'Match ID' (using fuzzy and cumulative methods) for consolidation or easy de-duplication.Find Duplicates
Upload a file of addresses to determine the country of each address.Identify Countries
Upload a file containing full personal names to split each name into its component parts.Parse Names
Upload a master file and suppression file to remove matching rows from the master.Suppress Rows
Upload a file containing email addresses for syntax and optional domain-name verification.Validate Email Addresses
Upload a file containing up to four UK telephone numbers per row to check the dial code and length.
Validate UK Telephone Numbers

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